Top 14 Things I Did in 2015 to Make Myself Happier

Anyone who has depression will tell you that it’s hard to stay happy. You almost always have to actively seek it out, it rarely comes easily. I developed early onset dysthymia at 11 and let my depression rule my life for ten years. At the beginning 2015 I decided I needed to change that.

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Why I Don’t Say “It’s Okay” When Someone Apologizes

It’s common in our society to say “it’s okay” or “it’s fine” when someone apologizes to you; it’s the socially accepted norm. So, I always get strange looks when I refuse to say that. I choose to say “I forgive you” or “I accept your apology.” I flat out refuse to give them platitudes about how what they did was okay.

But, no one ever really bothers to ask me “why?” Why do I say these instead of just waving off what people do when they apologize?

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Today I watched an interesting video about addiction. And it got me thinking. What causes addiction? What is addiction?

In hospitals there are drugs basically equivalent to heroin without the high. But, studies show that there’s little addiction that forms to these drugs; yet, the people who get heroin on the street get more addicted. Continue reading “Addiction”